AI Generative Art + History

Prompt used: Henry Fox Talbot meets aliens on the moon

Artificial intelligence has been expanding rapidly in recent years and becoming widely available to the public. Services like DALL-E have become widely known and are being used by thousands of artists everyday. I decided to dip my toes into this method of art creation with an eye towards re-interpreting the history of photography. I consider these artworks a collaboration between my brain translating concepts into language and the computer translating that language to its own mathematical number based system while referencing a large database of existing images humans created by hand. The results are surprising, fascinating, and a bit alarming at times. The experiments posted here are from the MidJourney bot that runs on Discord using the trial access, as such the posted images are all Creative Commons Non-Commercial License, feel free to download them and play!

Prompt used: Sir John Herschel invents computers

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