Alternate History: Henry Fox Talbot

This is a reinterpretation of history using MidJourney AI. In this alternate reality, Henry Fox Talbot did not invent the Calotype process, ushering in the era of photographic prints on paper, but rather was an early space explorer and the first person to step foot on the Moon in 1840. This event was followed by one of the most dangerous moments in human history, the discovery of an aggressive species of aliens with technology far more advanced than our own. Having angered the aliens with his presence on the Moon they responded with a furious attack on Lacock Abbey. Henry Fox Talbot, desperate for the fued to be contained, agreed to peace terms with the aliens that required space travel technology to be suppressed for a minimum of 100-years. The citizens of London responded by throwing a ticker tape parade in his honor. All of this was documented by an unknown photographer by the name of Marcus Jermain and remained undiscovered until recently.

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