Upcoming NFT Workshop at CPAC

I recently confirmed an 8-hour workshop that I will be conducting for the Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC) in Denver, Colorado. The workshop is titled “The NFT Movement: Decentralizing Artwork” and explores the history, uses, and how-to of the NFT world, specifically on the Algorand Blockchain that I have been participating in using my alias and umbrella project title, Art Block, for the past year. As my earlier blog posts have eluded to, I have recently “unmasked” that project and am integrating it into my standard practice as a fine artist. This workshop is yet another step in my coming forward to share what I have discovered this past year.

New Workshop / New Headshot

CPAC finally called my hand and I created my first new creative headshot in a decade (illustrated on left). I decided to combine several aspects of history and technique when creating the headshot as a nod to the new direction ‘Art Block’ has taken me in as an artist. The headshot was created by shooting through a wet plate negative (created by Denis Roussel in 2014) and then using compositing techniques and digital illustration to finish the job. The final result spans the entire technological history of our medium, as most of my work has been as of late.

The workshop will be offered in November of 2022 as an online course. If you are interested in learning more about it or registering, please visit the workshop page here. I am very excited to be presenting this ongoing research and creative work to anyone who is interested, and even as I type this the technology is evolving and new options are emerging, fitting everything into 8-hours will be a fun challenge!

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