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About the Artist

I have been involved with art and photography for the majority of my adult life, stumbling into it by accident like so many others as a young student fortunate to be attending schools with strong arts programs. Bridging the present (and future) technologies with those that existed more than a century before my birth satisfies my creative curiosity in ways that a strictly modern workflow can’t. I am also extremely interested in the conceptual ideas that combining processes and emerging technologies fosters. Stylistically, I make work rooted in the classic foundations of design and structure with a deep concern with making artwork that have aspects of beauty, and are limited to small editions or one of a kind creations.

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BFA in Photography from The Ohio State University.

MFA in Photography & Media Arts from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Exhibited work internationally, and published multiple times.

Work held by the Special Collections at the Norlin Library, CU Boulder.

Associate Professor of Photography, Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design.

Full CV available on request.

Image: Gallery view from “Night Lights Denver” a Denver Month of Photography Group Exhibition, March 1-31, 2023. Juror: Samantha Johnson.