Fake Plants/Real Prints

Work-In-Progress: Explorations in AI

Introducing “Fake Plants/Real Prints,” my cyanotype print series exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence, the natural world, and fine art. Using AI-generated images of plants created using Midjourney, I aim to challenge traditional concepts of authenticity in art.

As AI technology advances, the line between what is real and what is artificial becomes increasingly blurred. Through this project, I aim to examine the implications of AI-generated imagery in the creation of fine art and provoke a dialogue on the intersection of technology and the creative process.

By incorporating AI-generated images of plants, “Fake Plants/Real Prints” offers a visually striking reflection on the modern age’s perception of reality. I seek to bridge the gap between nature and technology, highlighting the unique perspective that AI brings to the artistic domain. The cyanotype process transforms these purely digital creations into unique analog objects that exist in our world, calling into question when the act of creation actually occurs.

Overall, this project invites viewers to contemplate the boundaries of originality and to appreciate the beauty of the natural world in the age of artificial intelligence.

Note: The above statement was a collaboration between myself and ChatGPT in keeping with the spirit of this exploration.

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