Creative Marathon Approaching

The end of another long academic year is rapidly(and mercifully) approaching, and with it comes the start of my brief sabbatical from teaching to focus on physical activity and my creative urges. I plan to continue exploring two methods of creation; digital illustrations and one-of-a-kind analog objects. Additionally, I plan to re-assess my digital footprint to better utilize my time and energy when publicly sharing ideas and artwork, and to avoid time wasting app scrolling that could be better used for rest, physical activity, or creation. Stay tuned for updates in 2023 of new works in progress, in the meantime I hope you enjoy my most recent experiment posted in this blog, a combo print made using 19th century analog processes – cyanotype and van dyke, one image created camera-less using leaves found in my yard, and one made from a digital photograph printed onto a transparency. Printed Size: ~6×9-inches. Substrate: Rives BFK.

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