New URL – New Directions – Same Artist

The decision to create a new URL for my Fine Art work has been long in the making. The domain I have used since 1999 will continue to live on, but I plan to use that domain exclusively for my commercial freelance work. I needed a place for my fine art work to live separately from my work for commerce, enter I also didn’t want to limit myself with the term ‘photo’ anymore, as my workflow has become hybrid and fluid in nature, and technology continues to exert its influence on what I create. The majority of my work is still photographic in nature, or at least at its core, but I frequently incorporate digital illustration and hand drawing techniques into my workflow, it seemed a good time to simply create a location for my artwork, whatever media it may be.

Photo by Marc Denis

Essential to all of the work I create is a desire to combine analog and digital methods to push the potential of what each offers, while using the unique characteristics these combinations create to enhance concepts in my work. This studio is where I create all of my work that is intended for display in a gallery space, crafted in limited editions, and sold directly to collectors. Although you are viewing the images on my website digitally, they are only a reproduction of the object I created, which can only be appreciated fully in an analog way.

More to come as the official launch of this new site approaches – planned launch date is May 2022 (updated 4/23/22).

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