Photographic Illustration


Thistle Conspiracy, 2021

I was a cowboy and my ranch was taken over by Thistle, it was growing everywhere inside and out. One night while I was falling asleep I heard a suspicious sound in the barn, I crept up quietly to investigate and to my surprise and horror discovered the Thistle were speaking to each other…conspiring against me! I snuck back into my bed and acted as if I was asleep again, planning my attack through the night. The next morning, I got out my thresher and took care of the Thistle before they could execute their plan against me. Unlike most dreams, I did not wake up before the dramatic finish, I instead got to enjoy my sweet victory over the conspiring Thistle, and instead awoke as I was warning my neighbors of the same threat I had just vanquished.

12×12-Inch Pigment Print

An Art Block Project

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