Photographic Illustration


A Murder of (artificial) Crows, 2022

“The crows circled and menaced us, or did they? Over the horizon, I think I saw the Royal Crows controlling their subjects. ‘Caw! Caw! Caw!’ they shrieked as if generated from the pits of hell. Hunkered in our shelter we narrowly escaped, or was it an uneventful day? Memories filtered through an algorithm can be deceiving after all.”

This composite artwork that I refer to as a photographic illustration is the first finished artwork I made utilizing AI for both ideation as well as some of the elements in the final artwork combined with my photography. As I continue to explore this emerging technology that is both muse and an existential threat, I am looking for ways to apply what it is capable of while still maintaining control of my artworks trajectory and content. The result is a ballet between myself and machine, choreographed by intuition, with a constantly evolving outcome.

16×16-Inch Pigment Print

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